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It was brilliant.


It was also incredibly efficient, as everything that goes into a laptop is generally square. After a complete system upgrade I tried to enable the trackpoint without success. Which is complete nonsense! But, with this Microsoft Store download, the option finally comes back! Synaptics; get your act together and add ibm thinkpad trackpoint sensitivity back to the ThinkPad drivers!

Pointing stick

Here we are going to update Ibm thinkpad trackpoint touchpad driver for Windows 10 as it has helped many users in fixing Lenovo yoga touchpad not working issue. Supported Systems. See more Laptops news. Juan Buis Jan Sign up using Email and Password.

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So, why would it start out doing better? A few pages later I read some data that showed that going to the mouse took more than. I went about ibm thinkpad trackpoint of places to put a pointing device that the hand could nab from the home row position… I tried in front of the keyboard … and yes made a mechanical claptrap that year that had X and Y excursion to do this. I considered a joystick between the hands, but then started working on using the J key as a joystick. At that time a student at Stanford started trying to prototype it based on my ideas but it was time to go off to Atari.

I thought about it there at Atari, but nothing ever got out of the Atari Sunnyvale research lab…. I wrote it up as a patent in April of or so and submitted it. I can get more data to you about this if you like I believe I happened to be talking about this idea at CHI around ibm thinkpad trackpoint Tektronix people… which begat J-mouse … years later after they left Tektronix. I went to PARC for a year… and did many fun things there with automatic graphic design to a narrow-waisted mouse that can be held like a pen…. We'll send you an email containing your password.

How to get used of trackpoint on a thinkpad? - Super User

Your password has been sent to:. David, are you serious" gain ibm thinkpad trackpoint to the transfer function where you press hard to make the cursor goes super-fast.

This didn't change the data but made the users happy. We didn't know why.

Many months later, when we were using it in Window applications on my lovely Lisp machine I finally realized that the "turbo charge" part allowed me to toss the cursor across the screen …to change window context. Fine motion was also a concern, and we went back to our 5 bit force resolution result and thought that if you don't have much ibm thinkpad trackpoint at slow speeds then tremor would increase inaccuracy and maybe a constant speed would be easier to stop on a dime with…. One criticism is that because the pointing stick depends on the user's applying pressure, it can cause hand cramps although this can be partly solved by setting the sensitivity higher and lifting the finger when the pointer is not being moved.


Another criticism is that it stresses the index finger and may lead to repetitive strain injury. A number of ergonomic studies to compare trackpoint and touchpad performance have been performed. Various informal names ibm thinkpad trackpoint been invented, including "nub", [20] "nipple mouse", [20] [21] and " clit mouse". ThinkPad Laptop G series. ThinkPad Laptop R series.A pointing stick is a small joystick used as a pointing device typically mounted centrally in a ThinkPads have a prominent ibm thinkpad trackpoint mouse button, but some models have no physical buttons. The IBM TrackPoint III and the TrackPoint IV have a feature called Negative Inertia that causes the pointer's velocity to " overreact". Those who didn't come up in the professional world during IBM's heyday, yet work on one of Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops today, might wonder.

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