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If there is a voltage transient across the C-E junction, and the gate has some capacitance with respect to the collector, this transient will appear on the gate as well its capacitively coupled through. Be sure to get the bi-polar TVS. Since we drsstc driving the gates at their limitations, we need to be extra careful drsstc to damage them, so TVS or zeners go a long way to protect them. Keep the large filtering capacitors electrically close to the bridge as well.

DRSSTC Driver Guide

The large electrolytic capacitors serve as an energy resivior supplying hundreds of amps on drsstc. Too much inductance or resistance in this path will hinder performance. Having the main filter capacitors close to the bridge also reduces the burden on the decoupling capacitors. I typically size these filter capacitors such that they store maybe 20 to 50X the intended "bang" energy.

Interesting that the ringdown at the end is not quite so fast Finally, a heavy arc to a grounded object. Arc connects at 90uS or so on the scope drsstc, current hits A just under the limiters threshold. Today I decided to drsstc a bit of work on this project, mainly just drilling a center hole in my new 24x6" spun toroid.

Building a DRSSTC

This should keep everything relatively safe from streamers. Drsstc shots of the electronics.


Here you can see the second set of CTs hidden behind drsstc circuit board. The entire setup is much tidier and now runs much cooler, so hopefully this will bode well for reliability.

The OCD was set at A. You might note some drsstc differences from the original photograph, but otherwise drsstc has changed.


Once the few small drsstc were done, the parts were then assembled back into its small case and everything fits well. One new feature was that I added an ST-ST fiber optic coupler on the front panel of the box, so the input ST fiber can be connected directly at the front of the box. This makes setup much drsstc as well since everything is integrated.

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Here are the waveforms drsstc the primary current yellow and bridge output cyanshowing perfect switching and very little switching spikes :. I tuned this up to about A or so.


Good to drsstc Yes it does and continues to run as spectacularly as before! I found it to be very reliable running at about - VAC drsstc producing 3 to 4 feet of spark at sub us pulse widths very reliably.

The coil was displayed at a science fair and ran dozens of times with its musical display of lighting from a V power supply with voltage adjusted via a 5kVA variac. I would like to thank the following people, for this coil would not drsstc been completed without them.

DRSSTC Bridge Design

Back to main page c Gao Guangyan Contact: loneoceans [at] gmail [dot] com. June 16, at June 17, at A compact, high performance, Double-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil. After several months of drsstc, I will like to present my second Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC 2).

This project was born from a natural progression of my foray into Drsstc State Tesla Coils ‎Introduction · ‎Design and Schematics · ‎Components · ‎Results and Media. This first DRSSTC of mine evolved from the ISSTC work I had been doing at the time.

Talking with Jimmy Hynes, who built the first DRSSTC, I decided I drsstc Primary‎: ‎7 turns of" cu tube. 11" diameter fo.

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